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14154 Denny Blvd.

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800 N. Dysart

Goodyear, AZ  85338



300 E. Wigwam Blvd.

Litchfield Park, AZ  85340


Mary Cavanaugh-Marsh,

Financial Advisor, EDWARD JONES


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Mickey Ollson, Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium


Sue and Charlie Salem

Oceano Rentals, Rocky Point, Mexico




Spring 2019

P.W. Litchfield Heritage Center

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Spring 2018 NewsletterSpring 2018 NewsletterSpring 2018

COLLECTIONS, The Heart of Every Museum

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Spring 2017

 Spring 2017 NewsletterSpring 2017 Newsletter

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The Doctor, the Dentist, and the Drugstore

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Jeff Alderman’s World of Miniatures

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Fall 2019

 Stagecoaches to Spacecraft: The Story of Avondale and Goodyear

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WATER: The Evolution of a Resource

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Fall 2017


Litchfield Park - The First 100 Years

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Fall 2016

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 The Apprentice Farmers … and  Beyond

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 People of the Land: Southwest      Valley Farming Families

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FALL 2015Fall 2015 NewsletterFall 2015 Newsletter

Lighter Than Air,  Balloons, Blimps & Dirigibles

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Goodyear Aircraft, Arming for War

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Litchfield Park 100 Year Anniversary in 2017


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THE WIGWAM: From Necessity to Luxury

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Photo Memories

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FALL 2014

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Tierra Verde: A Planned Community

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Spring 2012

The Last Dance

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What Artifacts Can Teach Us: Lessons from the History Detectives          

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Fall 2012

The Making of a Museum

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LPHS Museum

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          Plans for the construction of

   The P. W. Litchfield Heritage Center! 

Be part of this exciting project. We have begun a Capital Campaign to move to the top of the hill behind our current museum and into the historic Litchfield/Denny house. The house, located in the center of a historic 21-acre property, will be re-purposed into a museum, archive, research library, and site for community gatherings. Read more in the Spring 2019 Newsletter and connect here to see floor plans, funding goals and donation link.   

Link to P. W. Litchfield Heritage Center information